We have a history of building the future

Since 1895, we’ve been building progressive cars for today. Models that have always been ahead of their time. This pioneering spirit initially found expression in bicycles, followed by motorcycles and, ultimately, cars. It’s our commitment to the intersection of design, function and innovation, driven by inventiveness over the past 126 years.

Explore the famous history of Škoda. Iconic cars, their designers, milestones, motorsports victories and technological innovations - all this and more shaped the company's glorious history. Find out all about it from current and previous articles, photographs and videos.

A story unlike any other

Come with us on an exciting trip down memory lane at Škoda, taking in the company’s foundation in 1895 to the present day, and explore its rich heritage, brimming with great cars and intriguing moments.

Get behind the wheel

Take a ride in a vintage Škoda. Go back in time with us and sit at the wheel of an L&K Škoda 110. A pleasant drive around historical Prague awaits you, where you will find out a lot of interesting stuff, and not only about the car in which you are sitting.

Founding Fathers

The spirited partnership between Václav Laurin and Václav Klement and the establishment of their joint venture laid the foundations for our company’s success story.

Meet Laurin and Klement

The Škoda story began in 1895 with our founders, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. Besides their first names and a love for cycling, they had another thing in common: a strong inventive spirit.

How it all began

Milestones that formed us

Explore all the models we have ever made.

More than 100 years of racing

Since the start of production in Mladá Boleslav in 1895, the company has provided the world with many racing legends, memorable victories and unforgettable machines. Take a look at important milestones in Škoda’s racing history.

Škoda racing history

Since 1901, we have been winning together. In 2021, we have proudly celebrated 120 years of Škoda Motorsport.

A symbol of our inventiveness

Every car with the winged arrow on its bonnet proudly subscribes to a long tradition of constant innovation. The Škoda logo itself has also changed over time. Check out its evolution and pay an after-hours visit to the Škoda museum.

Škoda Museum

Experience Škoda’s history at our museum, where you will see the latest futuristic concepts alongside iconic models.