Grand Opening of Škoda’s Revolutionary Dealership in Kuwait

8. listopadu 2023

Škoda Kuwait, in partnership with Behbehani Motors Company, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its groundbreaking Škoda dealership in Kuwait.

Grand Opening of Škoda’s Revolutionary Dealership in Kuwait Sets New Automotive Standards in region.

Škoda Kuwait, in partnership with Behbehani Motors Company, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its groundbreaking Škoda dealership in Kuwait. Positioned within the multi-brand Behbehani Motors Company complex, this facility not only serves as a prominent landmark for Škoda in Kuwait but also represents a pioneering venture in Middle East automotive retail, setting a remarkable standard for customer experience and automotive showrooms in the region.

Scheduled to open its doors to the public on the 10th of January,2024, the new Škoda dealership exemplifies innovation and progress by incorporating the latest Škoda corporate identity in a fully digital showroom, integrating cutting-edge technology. This showroom, the first of its kind in the Middle East, sets a new standard for automotive retail experiences.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a momentous event attended by Mr. Ali Morad Behbehani and Mr. Hussein Behbehani, President and Vice President of Behbehani Motors Company, along with the distinguished presence of Mr. Martin Jahn, a member of Škoda's board of directors for Sales and Marketing. Mr. Jahn's attendance marked a significant milestone for Škoda, underscoring the company's commitment to sustained growth and development in the Middle East.

Expressing his pride in the grand opening of the new facility, Mr. Ali Morad Behbehani stated: “Behbehani Motors Company takes great pride in the unveiling of our remarkable facility, a true masterpiece of automotive innovation. Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations is at the heart of everything we do, and this new showroom is a testament to that dedication. With an expanded lineup of Škoda cars, cutting-edge digital tools, and a focus on efficient customer service, we are poised to redefine the automotive experience in Kuwait, and we look forward to welcoming our valued customers to this extraordinary space and setting new standards in the industry."

Mr. Hussein Morad Behbehani, commenting on the opening of the new facility, stated: “We are thrilled to unveil this revolutionary Škoda dealership in Kuwait, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This facility not only showcases the best of Škoda but also represents the significant commitment of Behbehani Motors Company in redefining the automotive experience in Kuwait. We look forward to the public's response and anticipate setting new industry standards.”

Mr. Martin Jahn, expressing his enthusiasm, stated, “I am happy to celebrate such a milestone for Škoda Kuwait. This showroom, designed with innovation and technology at its core, sets a new benchmark for automotive retail in the region. We are excited about the opportunities it presents and look forward to future enhancements.”

Covering an expansive 22,000 square meters, with an exclusive 890 square meters allocated to the Škoda showroom, Behbehani Motors Company's facility represents cutting-edge automotive architecture. Featuring an impressive lineup of 12 cars, the complex signifies a substantial leap in enhancing the customer experience, showcasing the company's commitment to continuous evolution and meeting the growing expectations of its valued customers.

Incorporating modernization and technological advancement, the facility is equipped with the latest digital tools to enhance the car-buying experience. These include a Sales Support tool, a captivating Video wall, interactive Car Information stands, and user-friendly Configuration Touch Screens. These digital enhancements create an immersive and informative journey for potential buyers, enabling them to explore and configure their dream Škoda vehicles with ease.

As Škoda prepares to open its doors to the public, it invites valued customers to embark on a transformative journey, setting a new benchmark for automotive excellence in Kuwait.

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