Let’s Explore with Škoda: The thrill of Monte Carlo

6. února 2024

Škoda Middle East proudly unveiled the all-new Kushaq Monte Carlo at its inaugural regional media event.

Dubai, 6th-7th February 2024 - Škoda Middle East proudly unveiled the all-new Kushaq Monte Carlo at its inaugural regional media event. This momentous occasion not only marked the debut of the highly anticipated model but also served as a platform to showcase the entire Kushaq range and introduce the Škoda brand to media, customers and fleet clients across the region.

Embracing Exploration

The event was more than a product presentation, it gave attendees a chance to explore the core values and future aspirations of the Škoda brand globally and regionally. From highlighting our customer-centric approach to unveiling our bold vision for the future, every moment was an invitation to explore and discover.

Virtual Thrills and Real Adventures

Before embarking on a journey to explore the hidden gems of the UAE behind the wheel of the all-new Kushaq Monte Carlo, the program paid a tribute to Škoda Motorsports' rich history, celebrating the Škoda Monte Carlo badge with excitement. The guests were transported into an immersive virtual driving experience through the iconic streets of Monte Carlo, competing in the Skoda Kushaqs in exhilarating simulator races. The atmosphere was almost electric, as Škoda took over the Monaco circuit. 🏁 The excitement and smiles that ensued were a testament to the emotions Škoda evokes in its customers. Following a virtual experience, attendees had the opportunity to get behind the actual wheel of the Kushaq Style and Kushaq Monte Carlo and explore urban roads as well as hidden gems of UAE nature.

Engaging Conversations and Insights

Over the course of the two-day event, meaningful conversations with our esteemed media guests further enriched the experience. From insightful discussions about the latest offerings to sharing driving impressions, every interaction deepened our understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences.

Scenic Evenings and Bonfire Discussions

As each day drew to a close, the serene ambiance of the Dubai desert provided a perfect backdrop for reflective discussions over a crackling bonfire. Media and guests shared their test drive impressions, further solidifying the Kushaq model as the ideal product offering for the Middle East. The overwhelming positive feedback received, both on the event program and the Kushaq model itself, served as a testament to the success of the event and the resonance of the Škoda brand in the Middle East. The wave of enthusiastic media reviews and coverage further underscored the impact of the event in showcasing the unparalleled capabilities of the Kushaq model and the future plans of Škoda in the Middle East.